Youth Leadership Training Program Application

Every year we search for 10 of the best past-Campers to be the Youth Leaders for this year’s Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp. Are you one of them?

Overview of the Youth Leadership Training Program Position:

If you are accepted into the Youth Leadership Training Program, you will need to find your way to Medicine Hat during the week before camp in order to begin your training. For the next three days you will participate in leadership and communication workshops that will teach you how to be the best leader you can be. You will also receive first-aid training. You will be transported to camp where you will meet your Campers and get started on helping them create memories that will last a lifetime! You will be responsible for your own ride home after camp.

The Youth Leadership position consists of two parts. First, you are a business helper. As a Youth Leader you will be designated to work with one of the business teams throughout the week. This means working with the Team Leader to help the Campers learn and understand the material presented. You will help your business team generate ideas, plan their business, and ultimately succeed as entrepreneurs for the week. You will also help the Team Leader with whatever they may need in order for your team to succeed.

The second part of your position will be Recreation Helper. As a Recreation Helper, you will work with the other Volunteers to encourage and assist the Campers while they are involved in their recreational and risk-taking activities.

All you have to do now is apply!

Note: The ‘Youth Leadership Training’ positions are not paid positions.

All Applications Have to Be Returned No Later than May 31, 2018

Attention: Parents and/or Guardians

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
Phone: (403) 540-8289

In order to become a Youth Leader, first you must apply. The selection process is a two step procedure.

Step 1: Answer and submit the five essay questions

Step 2: In person interview

Only those applicants who are selected for the interview will be contacted.

In 100 words or less (per question), please respond to the following questions:

1. Describe what you define as a good leader.

2. Give an example of a time you had to work as a leader with a group of people on a project or another job.

3. What did you do well in this leadership role?

4. What would you do to improve the next time you take on a leadership role?

5. Why do you want to attend the RAYEC as a Youth Leader?

6. If you were a Youth Leader last year at RAYEC, what would you do differently as a leader this coming year?

Phone Number
Date of Birth
Year you attended RAYEC
Year you attended RAYEC as a Youth Leader 
The ten Community Future Development Corporations partners would like to thank all those who apply for the Rotary Alberta Youth Entrepreneurship Camp youth leader positions. Only those whom are selected for an interview will be notified. Youth are selected for the interview phase by a committee according to their responses to the essay questions. Good Luck to everyone!